payment and financial aid

Payment Options
Annual Payment - Full tuition is paid by June 1st
Semester Payment - Tuition is paid in two equal installments. The first installment is due June 1st and the second is due by December 1st. There is an additional service charge included in this payment plan. A reminder will be sent to the families who choose this option in November for the installment due December 1st.
Monthly Payment - Tuition is paid in Nine equal installments - due on June 1st then September 1st through and April 1st.

Heritage School's Budget is funded primarily by parents through tuition and gifts. The school also receives gifts from alumni families, friends and grandparents.
Tuition alone does not cover the total operating costs. All gifts are tax deductible and should be made payable to Heritage School.
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Financial Aid
Financial Aid, for tuition assistance, is based upon income criteria established by the Heritage School Board of Directors. Applications are submitted by the first week in April for the next school year. These applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors' Financial Aid Committee and remain completely confidential.
There is a Processing Fee of $40.
To apply for Financial Aid, please click HERE
Tuition Payment

Heritage School employs Brightwheel for all applications, fees, and tuition.