snack food guidelines

Heritage School's policy states that no items containing peanuts or tree nuts may be brought into the school at any time.
In an effort to protect children with allergies, we will not serve any snack if it has been processed in a plant that also processes food containing peanuts or tree nuts.

Snack Guidelines
To foster healthy eating habits, and to encourage recycling; the daily classroom snack procedure is as follows:
  • Children bring their own snack which consists of fresh fruit or dried fruit and/or vegetable (no gummy fruits or dips)
  • Children bring their own water bottle
  • Children bring their own napkin - cloth preferred
  • All items are labeled
A special Heritage School snack bag will be distributed at conferences.

Lunch Guidelines
Lunch guidelines are for those staying for an afternoon program.
  • Children bring their own lunch with ice pack
  • Beverage: Water only please!
  • Parents provide needed utensils and a napkin
  • No refrigeration or heating is offered
  • No peanut butter sandwiches
  • No foods prepared with tree nuts, peanuts or peanut oils
  • When using soy butter, an excellent substitute for peanut butter, please label the container or wrapping as such
  • Please avoid foods in messy containers such as Go-gurt
  • When possible, include foods from all four food groups when preparing your child's lunch.

We encourage healthy eating habits in the classroom.