Education Improvement Tax Credit program (EITC)

How can I contribute to the financial aid program?

There are two ways to contribute to Heritage School to support financial aid for our families:

  1. Direct Contribution

You or your business can make a donation directly to Heritage School and earmark your donation for our financial aid program. This donation is tax deductible, and the money will go directly to families who qualify for financial aid. To make a donation to our Financial Aid Funds, click here.

2.  Education Improvement Tax Credit program (EITC)

This is a Pennsylvania program which gives businesses the opportunity to give part of their PA income tax directly to the Heritage School financial aid program rather than to the State. Therefore, it is done without cost to the business and also allows the business to claim the contribution as a tax deduction on their federal taxes. It is a win-win program for the business and for the Heritage School financial aid program. Businesses must apply for this opportunity with the State each year on July 1st to receive approval. Once approval is received, the business must make their contribution to Heritage School and can reduce their State taxes by that amount when their taxes are filed for that year.