2 or 3 Day Classes

Program Overview


Our 2 Year Old Program focuses on the emotional and social development of the child.  This is a crucial, fundamental building block for children.  The preschool group experience offers a tremendous opportunity for little ones to interact with each other while simultaneously learning about themselves.  It is a wonderful environment in which to build self-esteem and offers them experiences that they can then take home and share with the family.

Our developmentally appropriate hands-on activities expose the children to the following skills.

1.      Pre-math                                     4.  Fine motor skills

2.      Pre-reading                                5.  Small & Large muscle development

3.      Pre-writing                                  6.  Language Development

The Curriculum is enriched through our monthly themes, which incorporate social studies, science, health & safety, mathematics, and art.  Being a Christian Preschool, our monthly Biblical Themes, and Biblical Truths are integrated and woven throughout the curriculum.  Each day brings many opportunities for the teacher to naturally teach about the Love of Jesus and how He would have us be a good friend.  A thematically based curriculum lends itself to making connections between concepts, ideas, language development, and vocabulary building. 

The children are exposed to good literature during Story Time and Library.  They are encouraged to read at home through our Read-a-Loud Program, and to contribute to the Library through our Birthday Book Club.  Circle and snack times are opportunities to interact with one another, experimenting with their newly acquired language skills.



                            Music, Creative Movement and Library

       Monthly:     Chapel, occasional hands-on education programs

       Seasonal:    In-House Field Trips Heritage School Community Service Project, 

                           Christmas Program, End-of-Year Program


The Heritage School curriculum meets and exceeds the PA State Standards for Early Childhood Programs.

Heritage School is accredited by ACSI -Association of Christian Schools International.