… a program for 4s, children not meeting the Kindergarten cut-off, and

those that would benefit from the gift of a Pre-K year.


Heritage School specializes in this age group.  The young four year old is very versatile, with extreme emotions, great drive, and a fluid imagination.  The young five year old experiences an explosion in language learning, shows much interest in new and big words, knows that words represent ideas and objects, and revels in discussion. 

Heritage School’s language development curriculum is rich.  Rather than pushing children ahead of their developmental age, we take them where they are and give them depth.  This fosters success and the thrill of learning.  The curriculum is enhanced with math and science, and for those that are ready; the teacher encourages/entices them to move forward by setting the bar a bit higher when the child is ready.  We are blessed to have skilled teachers, with creative and appropriate developmental resources.

Kindergarten Readiness Class Options:

  • 2 Full Days (TTH, 9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.) - 4s
  • 3 Days (MWF) - mornings, Young 4s & 5s
  • 5 Days (M-F) -  mornings, 4s & Pre-K
  • 5 Days with extended days on Tuesday and Thursday (MWF 9:00 - 11:45 a.m.           and TTH 9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.), 4s & Pre-K

2 Full Days:

This class is equal to (4) half days.  It is a wonderful option for those that do not want to come every day yet desire a more thorough curriculum.  The class is beneficial in that there is greater continuity in what is being taught, and it is conducive to a project orientation since they are here all day.  This class uses the outdoor classroom well since they are on campus in the afternoons.  The class participates in both morning and afternoon specials. 

Pre-K Class:

This class is not a repetition of the 4s class.  The children are learning at a higher level.  The bar is raised and the class operates as a kindergarten class in the second semester.  The Pre-K class is a 5 Day class with 2 extended days whose students turn 5 by December 31st.

3 Day KR vs. 5 Day KR:

The additional two days in a 5 day program allows for further opportunities to work on projects, experiment with new media, review and practice skills presented. Both classes have the same specials.



Our daily lesson plans:
            1.      Early math                                    4.  Language development
            2.      Pre-reading                                  5.  Fine motor skills
            3.      Pre-writing                                    6.  Small & Large muscle development

Curriculum Resources used:
            Handwriting Without Tears, Jan Z. Olsen, OTR

            Digi-Block Math System, Elon Kohlberg (5 day Pre-K program)

            Let's Begin With The Letter People, Abrams & Company Publishers, Inc.

THE LETTER PEOPLE, their special characteristics, and their captivating songs encourage phonemic awareness, letter identification, and for those who are ready; an understanding of some sound/letter relationships.  The Letter People are used as a springboard for the Letter of the Week lesson plan.

The Curriculum is enriched through our Discovery Garden - an outdoor classroom, as well as monthly themes which incorporate social studies, science, health and safety, mathematics, and art.  We also highlight a monthly Biblical theme and integrate Biblical Truth throughout the curriculum.  A thematically based curriculum lends itself to making connections between concepts, ideas, language development, and vocabulary building.

The children are exposed to good literature during Circle Time, Snack Time, at the Library, and in their Listening/Reading Centers.  They are also encouraged to read at home through our Read-a-Loud Program, and to contribute to our Library through our Birthday Book Club.

The Social, Emotional & Spiritual development of the four-year-old child is crucial.  We take this aspect of our curriculum very seriously.  The Bible and other complementary stories are used as examples of character development.  The classroom environment offers limitless opportunities, such as role play, for the teacher to naturally teach about the love of Jesus and how He would have us interact with other people.


Weekly:           Music, Creative Movement, Discovery Garden and Library

Monthly:         Chapel, Hands-on Education Programs or Field Trip

Seasonal:        Community Service Project, Christmas Program,
                         End-of-Year Program


The Heritage School curriculum meets and exceeds the PA State Standards for Early Childhood Programs.

Heritage School is accredited by ACSI -Association of Christian Schools International.