This was our first year experiencing the Heritage Kindergarten, having sent our first two children to public Kindergarten. Our experience at Heritage was superb - a much more positive experience than what our public school provided.          Heritage parent

 Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Half Day

Tuesday, Thursday - Full Day 

Wednesday Enrichment 


"Heritage considers the individual child as they grow in mind and spirit. Through play and creative academics my child was prepared above and beyond for first grade."

         Kindergarten Parent




In keeping with the school's developmentally appropriate philosophy, a child's acceptance into the Kindergarten Program is based on a readiness assessment.  The screening is administered in the Spring.

Our Kindergarten curriculum includes:

         Land of The Letter People, Abrams & Company Publishers, Inc.

         Everyday Mathematics, McGraw Hill; The Wright Group

         Digi-Block, Inc., Elon Kohlberg - University of Chicago

         Handwriting Without Tears, Jan Z. Olsen

         Heritage School Discovery Garden - an outdoor classroom experience.

LAND OF THE LETTER PEOPLE is an all-encompassing Kindergarten program designed to provide a thorough preparation for early success in reading.  The program builds skills in all three cueing systems (semantic, syntactic, and graphophonic) in an environment that captures the imagination of children and develops appreciation for, and ability to function in, both spoken and written language.  LAND OF THE LETTER PEOPLE emphasizes phonemic awareness, print awareness, understanding the alphabetic principle, letter recognition, and the use of initial consonants and medial vowels in reading and writing words.

The DIGI-BLOCK system gives students a solid grounding in the concepts of place value, number value, grouping, counting and more.  DIGI-BLOCK develops meaning through a consistent mathematical model.  This method propels students' math skills forward, preventing re-teaching in later grades.




Begin with a Solid Foundation

Spiritual Development

Christian Staff

Integration of Faith & Learning

Monthly Biblical Theme/s



Creative Writing

Early Math - Digi-Block

Language Arts

Reading Readiness

Science & Social Studies


 Weekly Programs

Creative Movement

Discovery Science



Emotional Development

Individual Attention

Self Worth as a Child of God

Small Class Size

Value Tales - Character development

 Hands-on Learning

Arts & Crafts

Cooking, Field Trips

In-house Education Programs

Handwriting Without Tears

Small Groups/Centers

Discovery Garden


Age Requirement: 5 by September 30th (testing required) 

The Heritage School curriculum meets and exceeds the PA State Standards for Kindergarten.

Heritage School is registered as a Private Parochial School.